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Dream Team is a multiplatform eSports organization with teams that compete in the highest level of competition including the Call of Duty World League, Halo Championship Series, and North American Challenger series.

Dream Team takes a unique approach in brand building and development to capitalize on the growth in eSports. Dream Team operates team houses and offices throughout the United states.

The Dream Team company not only operates gaming teams and houses but has developed a state of the art eCommerce platform for eSport monetization purposes this includes our brick and mortar facility located in Palm Beach, Florida.

Recent News

Dream Team's Call of Duty World League Slot For Sale

Dream Team CoD Roster

After much discussion, Dream Team, along with the players (as well as CWL/ESL) have decided to facilitate a public sale of our Call of Duty World League slot.

Dream Team has significant interest and numerous offers behind the scenes, however, in order to find the best offer and home for the players, we will be allowing open offers from organizations and individuals. If there is any interest or questions concerning the sale of Dream Team's CWL slot, please send all inquiries to!

To reiterate, this is simply the sale of our current Call of Duty division/slot. Dream Team as an organization is NOT being sold. Please send all inquiries to!


Coaching Staff Update


Over a week ago, Ram "Brokenshard" Djemal approached the organization and spoke to management; he expressed his desire to step down as head coach and promote Nick "Inero" Smith to head coach effective immediately. After several conversations over the week, he decided it would be in his best interest to step away from esports all-together.

We wish Brokenshard the best of luck and hope he enjoys his break; we thank him for everything he has brought to the organization and would like to see him come back into esports stronger than ever.

We will be announcing more updates to the staff and team in the coming days!

A quote from Brokenshard:

I thank Dream team for the oppurtunity they gave me and wish them the best of luck in the rest of their NACS run, this has been something on my mind for a long time and I only feel comfortable doing it leaving them in good hands with Nick Smith. He's good.


Welcome Jason “ANTi” Bates and Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby!

ANTi and Dabuz

In our continued expansion into Smash Brothers, Dream Team is pleased to announce Jason “ANTi” Bates along with Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby.

ANTi, ranked 10th in the world by, is one of the best Mario players in the world, also pocketing several other characters ready to counter his opposition. Explosive is the key word in describing ANTi, both in game and out of game. Boasting set wins off of other top players such as Nairo, Abadango, Ally, Trela and Dabuz, he is also the 8th player to take a tournament set off ZeRo in Smash 4, the 4th to eliminate him, and the 2nd to beat him in a best of 5 without losing a single game.

"When an opportunity as great as this falls into your lap, it will be foolish not to cease it. I am proud to stand tall with my new family here at @DreamTeamGG #SeeYallAtCEO ;)“

- Jason “ANTi” Bates

Dabuz, ranked 3rd in the world by, is considered the best Rosalina and Luma player in the world. One of the foremost cerebral minds of the scene, Dabuz is known for his strong defensive play that is accentuated by his thorough match analysis and strong matchup theory-crafting. With set wins against all of the current top 10 on’s ranking besides for Zero, Dabuz is certainly one of the first names spoken of as a Smash 4 pantheon of gods is forming.

"I'm ecstatic to be joining Dream Team and can't wait to use this as chance to grow not only my own brand and status as a player, but to represent a team that really cares about it's players and the smash scene."

- Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby

In addition to their dominance currently, they have a storied history in Brawl, both also being considered amongst the best in the world during its time. This speaks of their consistency as competitors and both are marching towards the future of the Smash series in the front of the pack. We’re happy to announce the two of them will be representing us starting at CEO this weekend, June 24th-June 26th.

Follow ANTi and Dabuz on twitter!




About Dream Team

Dream Team is a multiplatform eSports organization with teams that compete in the highest level of competition including the Call of Duty World League, Halo Championship Series, and League of Legends North American Challenger Series.